Spicing Things Up

Send me your love with a dozen roses? How about sending it to me with a hot, homemade meal?!

What is it about love and food? How did this relationship come to be? Well of course, we need nourishment to live. When someone provides nourishment is should be greatly appreciated. But to those men and women who can make that nourishment DELICIOUS…you’ve got my heart! Cooking for someone is a great way to show the love. If you are in a relationship where you both are constantly talking the “lovey-dovey” talk but are struggling to walk the walk, get in the kitchen together and make some magic. Smother that feeling of obligation out the door with some onions and a glass of wine and really make cooking an enjoyable bonding experience!

Happy young couple cooking together in the kitchen at home.

The touch of cooking: There is nothing like touching your partner in the kitchen while you work together to make a meal. Maybe it’s bumping into each other or squeezing by one another in your tiny apartment kitchen. Or standing behind your partner while you help to chop up some ingredients. Oh yes, it’s definitely cheesy, but this is the arena where cheesy is acceptable. If you are cooking together but not connecting with one another, then you aren’t incorporating the love you have into the meal you’re making.
Let’s Talk about cooking: Talk while you are both preparing and cooking your meal. Keep the conversation light when discussing whatever topic comes to mind. And if creating conversation happens to be a challenge for you, then make it into a game. Have one partner say one word that comes to their mind; then, let the other partner start to talk about whatever comes to mind that relates to that word. For instance, your partner could say “red” and you may initially think of a story when your dad bought you a pair of red sneakers you really wanted. Talking when you cook together creates fond memories and you can even learn more about your partner.

Spice it up: When you are preparing food, take the opportunity to add a little heat to your relationship. Add some sex appeal to dicing carrots or making a sauce by feeding it to your partner. Again, do not be afraid of seeming cheesy, because even if you are not a cheesy couple, you will both get a great laugh from these actions. And it’s well known that laughing together adds great depth to the bond.

I wouldn’t touch our cooking with a 50-foot pole: Neither of you can cook? Is boiling water is a challenge? It’s okay. Sure you can go to a restaurant like you usually do, but maybe you can take a risk and go to a cooking class together. You will learn how to cook as a couple, reinforcing your partnership and it will be something new to do to shake off any monotony in your routine. Exploring new territory together can be very exhilarating for a relationship.

Eating is a necessity so why not use cooking as a way to get what you need while you create what you want in your relationship. Talk to your partner about discovering the love in the kitchen and until next time, Bon appetite!

*Want to discuss more about this topic? Comment below or email me at: thementalcouchpotato@gmail.com


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